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"The Life and Times of Theodore Addison" is a Christian middle-grade book series full of fun, deep, relatable stories your children will learn a lot from.

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My New Home

Desperate to stop the bullying he was enduring, Ted embarks on secret missions to build and test his inventions to deter his assailants.

Things go too far, though, when he catches the eye of the US government. What started as a workaround to a personal problem blows up into a national security emergency as Ted teams up with friends and foes alike to save his new home, Miracle City.

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5th Grade Challenge

Ted, the 5th grade genius and his rival Veronica constantly prank each other. When the pranks spill over and cause a grade-wide conflict between the boys and girls, the teachers organize a competition between the two sides.

Hoping to teach the kids to respect each other, they set up contests in academics, hobbies, and sports. But competitions aren't always fair, and when two girls suddenly become friendly with Ted's teammates, he immediately suspects the girls are trying to cheat.

Determined to stop Veronica from succeeding and possibly hurting his friends, Ted will go to extremes, maybe even at the cost of losing.

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Operation Mapleview

After finally finishing the school year, Veronica is anxious to go back to Canada, if just for a visit. When her parents say no, planning instead to go to Indonesia, Veronica begs Ted to fly her home directly, and he obliges.

The secret trip is cut short, though, when Ted abandons her in Ontario after he'd had enough of her constant teasing. Veronica needs to convince him to come back for her, or she’ll have to find a way back home alone, without getting caught.

The Average Genius

Ted’s firmly settled into his new life in his new town, with his new friends at his new school. Now it’s time for life to get complicated again, when his parents push him to transfer to a school for gifted children, to open the widest doors possible for him.

As much as Ted loves the gifted school, he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he prepares to make a life-altering decision that’ll either tear him from friends he’s formed strong bonds with, or forfeit a brighter future his parents sacrificed for.

Book Benefits

Christian Formation

Teaching children the ways of God through stories is the way Jesus taught us. Your children will gain insight on what's right and why. Their theological and moral foundations will be enhanced.

Literacy Development

When reading, difficult words are highlighted and defined in the margins of the page so you don't have to look for a dictionary. This series will build your children's vocabulary, while cultivating their love of reading.

Multicultural Engagement

Learning from people of other cultures and walks of life helps us not only connect with different kinds of people, but it sheds light on our way of life. Young readers will get to see the world through others' perspectives and learn things that enhance their own lives.

Readers' Quotes

What have readers said about the book?

"It was easy to follow, pleasant to the eye and there weren't any moments that seemed to drag out the plot. In fact I would say this story is very plot and character driven..."

"I think the structure, characters, and dialogue are very strong."

"Each of the characters in the main cast are given a fair amount of time to develop as the story progresses. I like the clear distinction between when characters are with their friends, family, and "enemies."

"I found everyone very likeable and relatable. I also like that you took time to explore different issues each of these characters were facing in their personal lives outside of school (i.e, crushes or wanting to be true to themselves)."

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After Ted's prank goes too far, his dad is called up to the school. In the car, about to go home, Ted tries to convince his dad that he wasn't in the wrong, but Dad's been keeping a deep, dark secret inside, and it comes out in the car.

What's Heaven Like?

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