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Trivia Day

Gift From God

Sometimes I see the fingerprints of God in my books. It might not have been a deliberate decision I made while writing, but it was something that just happened to work out. One key example: the name “Theodore” means “gift from God”? That’s what this book series is to me, as is my writing ability. I treasure this skill as much as I treasure what God’s inspired me with. But it goes further. The name Matthew, Theodore’s little brother, also means “gift from God”. I had no intention of naming the Addison Brothers with the same meaning, it just worked out that way. Thank God for His gifts.

Welcome to the Team

Ambrosa “Bookworm” Rodriguez wasn’t intended to be a permanent member of the character cast, since she didn’t appear in My New Home to help save the city from a terrorist attack. She appeared in 5th Grade Challenge to balance out the cast and serve as Veronica’s compromised agent to distract another classmate from studying. But as I tested the book with my students, many of them gravitated so strongly to her that I knew Bookworm had to be a permanent character going forward. In future books, you can expect her to be the go-to girl for knowledge and insight.

The Last Shall Be First

When I wrote 5th Grade Challenge, it was written as a scholarship entry to begin fleshing out what a Theodore Addison book would be like. It also served the purpose of learning the ropes of writing. But it’s by no means the first of the series. It’s the second. The first book is My New Home, a book I waited to publish because I wanted to do it justice. Going forward, the books will be published in chronological order.

About The Author

Jamaal Fridge is the author of The Life and Times of Theodore Addison book series. As an evangelist, he looks for ways to engage people with the Gospel, and uses books as one outlet. You can learn about him and other contributors to this work at this link.