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Author's Statement of Beliefs

It's important for readers to know what the author believes about God and about life. A large portion of the author's life has been spent in the faith, with many experiences that stretched and challenged him. The following are what the author believes:

  • God is a unity of three co-equal persons: the Father (often referred to simply as 'God' in the New Testament), the Son (often referred to as 'Lord'), and the Holy Spirit (often referred to as simply 'The Spirit').
  • God loves creation, and upholds it, but also stands above it. God is not harmed or hindered by anything that has been made. That includes the most powerful of men and the devil himself. None can operate without God's permission.
  • Humanity was made in God's image. As such, we are called to emulate God and create good things, be good stewards over creation, and exercise the will of God on earth.
  • The blood of Jesus was the once-and-for-all payment for our sins, just as the Israelites of old regularly sacrificed lambs to pay for their sins. Everyone who believes this and repents is thus forgiven.
  • The call of God is irresistible. It is God who gives one the ability to repent, and those whom God has given this ability, they will be transformed from the inside-out.
  • The earlier one connects with God, the better. Time spent knowing God and being involved with the work of the Kingdom enables one to make the most of their time, especially in their developmental years, to be of more use to God. Being used by God according to God's purpose is the most fulfilling thing in life that one could imagine.
  • The Bible, understood with the help of the Holy Spirit, leads one to know God, and helps one understand how to navigate life in a way that pleases God.
  • Prayer helps us connect with God so we can receive help with making decisions in our daily lives, and for help with other matters of the heart.
  • The Day of Judgment will come, when all of us will answer to God for everything we have done, and we must have already been cleansed of our sins with the blood of Jesus to be saved.

Jamaal Fridge


Jamaal W.M. Fridge is an evangelist, licensed to minister in a nondenominational church in Chicago, where he was born and raised. After graduating from Calvin University with a degree in Business, he went to China for six years to teach English, working with both children and adults.

He has a passion for Christian Education and Biblical Literacy, and wants to use his knowledge of God to further the wellbeing of the oppressed. In his spare time, he loves to write books, ride bikes, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, and play video games. While he can be quiet, his mind races with ideas to reach new people, and to bring the wisdom of God into each setting.

He looks forward to developing the stories of Theodore Addison and his friends, but most hopes to impact the development of your life story through these books. Jamaal can be reached on Facebook @AddisonBooks if you want more information about upcoming stories, like My New Home, Operation Mapleview, The Average Genius, and others.

Ardin Patterson


Ardin Patterson is a Canadian Voice Actor represented by Noble Caplan Abrams, who has recorded for animation, radio and audiobooks. She is known for voicing Margot for Mattel's Polly Pocket series, and Kayla on Matchbox.

Outside of voice acting Ardin is a Young Adult author, and ARC Ambassador for both Children's and Middle-Grade literature. She reviews Young Adult, Manga and an array of fiction on her personal blog. When she's not reading she can be found playing video games with her sister or drawing.

Daniel Hill


Coming soon...

Inka Iskandar

Former Illustrator

Inka is an Indonesian artist responsible for the artwork for 5th Grade Challenge, as well as the covers for My New Home and The Average Genius. She really brought the characters to life, and it's hard to imagine them any other way. While she has moved onto other work, AddisonBooks owes her a debt of gratitude for her service.

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