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Life Corps is more than just the group name for the characters in these books. It's a ministry of all young people dedicated to living a godly life and changing the world around them.

A Life Corporal is more than just a young believer who's said the sinner's prayer. They are a unique remnant, the ones who God sees when the eyes of the Lord roam throughout the world, looking to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to God (2nd Chronicles 16:9).

As the Life Corporal grows in and activates their faith, they earn stars to symbolize their ranks. See below for details of these upcoming giants in the faith.

Ranking Criteria

  • The "Life Corps Oath of Office" is similar in nature to the two greatest commandments Jesus gave: to love God and to love others. This is the first step. A local church examines the new recruit and affirms their commitment to God, and baptizes them if they haven't been baptized already.
  • Communicating with God is critical. No branch can sprout grapes independent of its vine. Life Corporals pray not only for protection and provision, but they also pray for God to use them, and for God to show them how to do God's will.
  • Life Corporals make a habit of reading the Bible. Basic training is absolutely essential. A soldier does not go off to fight without learning how to fight and survive.
  • A major test of readiness for recruits is their ability and willingness to reach out to others to introduce them to Jesus Christ. It is up to the Holy Spirit to touch the heart of the person being spoken to, but the Life Corporal's willingness to speak to them about Christ is worthy of a promotion to a new rank.
  • Changing the world around us requires us to have open eyes, wise minds, and soft hearts. A Life Corporal who sees someone in need and gives aid (while avoiding danger) earns a promotion to a new rank.
  • As soldiers in God's army, we do battle with the devil, the world system, and our own evil desires. Withstanding these tests protects our reputations and the honor of the God we depend on. By resisting temptation, we avoid pitfalls, strengthen our spiritual lives, and earn a promotion to the next rank.
  • Everyone who serves God in any meaningful way will face doubts about God. This could happen in a few months, a few years, or many years from now, but it is inevitable. When this time of testing comes, holding onto your faith in God will earn you a promotion to a new rank, and a stronger understanding of God.
  • While not always easily defined, God puts us on earth to do something for the Kingdom of God. Each of us has a mission. You will earn your promotion to the next rank when you feel a passion for something to do for God's glory, much as the author feels when writing these books.

Above all, know that God loves you whether you go from a 1-star corporal to an 8-star corporal, or 8-star to 1. God's love never runs out.

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