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We appreciate your willingness to preview the book and see if this will benefit the children of Nigeria. We aim to bless and empower as many children in Africa as possible, and your insights will be instrumental in that effort.

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5th Grade Challenge

Synopsis: Ted, the 5th grade genius and his rival Veronica find themselves in a grade-wide conflict between the boys and girls.

Hoping to teach the kids to respect each other, the teachers set up contests in academics, hobbies, and sports. But when Veronica starts cheating, Ted tries anything to stop her from succeeding and hurting his friends, even if it means losing the competition altogether.

What is Life Corps?

The ministry behind the books, Life Corps seeks to set the world on fire and make the will of God be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. We do this by teaching children as young as 8 the ways of God, and show them how to live a Christian life in the modern world, and change the world around them.

We follow the story of Theodore Addison, a young engineer with a high IQ, and his friends. None of them are perfect, but God molds each of them into His image over time, just as God molds us over time.

Anyone younger than 16 is eligible to join the Life Corps, provided that they care about making God happy. You can download a copy of the Life Corporal Identification Card below, and make copies to share with young people who love God and are devoted to Him.

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